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Sharing Glebe Stories – A walk through Glebe’s past, present and future

Gavin Ivey recording Aunty Wendy Buchanan's story

In October 2022 Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd. with support from our local Elders and Community, led the first Glebe Stories Festival, a celebration of community connection, story-sharing and places of past, present and future.

For thousands of years Gadigal land has been cared for and made strong through stories and culture. Our Tranby Aboriginal campus in Glebe is one such example, a staunch place of social action and self-determinate education that has emerged and grown from the leadership and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isander leaders and changemakers for 65 strong years.
Since 1957 Tranby has been a haven for diverse peoples, especially queer mob and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults from around Australia, as well as a welcoming place of learning for non-Indigenous allies and multicultural communities. In many ways, Tranby’s history has only been made possible due to its location in Glebe, a neighbourhood that celebrates diversity, culture and community.

In the spirit of story-sharing, we have collaborated with local legends from around Glebe to bring you the true stories and memories of this incredible community. Walk through the streets of Glebe, while scanning the QR code in the identified locations (see below) to listen to our Elders and community members about places of significance in Glebe.

On this self-guided tour, you will visit and head the true local stories behind Tranby Aboriginal Co-operative, BLACKBOOKS, Glebe Point Road, the old site of NAISDA, Galluzo’s Fruit Market, The Glebe War Memorial, Scar Tree Ministries, the original site of Elsie’s Refuge and Glebe Primary School.

A special thank you to all involved in this project with special mention to Aunty Kathy Farrawell, Aunty Wendy Buchanan and Uncle Ray Minniecon for their support, stories and guidance.

This local community walking tour is made possible with support from The City of Sydney.

Download the self-guided walking tour map below for directions to the special locations.

Don’t live around Glebe? You can still listen to these true local stories here.
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