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Tranby thrives by bringing people together – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous – to listen and learn from one another. This is how we make change happen.

As Tranby is a not-for-profit organisation, volunteers are essential to the delivery of our important programs, events and initiatives.

Why Volunteer with Tranby?

At Tranby, you’ll meet some amazing people and make lifelong friends that support you to learn new skills and knowledge.

There are many ways you can work with Tranby. We have many exciting and diverse projects that would benefit from your support as a volunteer – from social media, marketing and photography to administration, gardening and event co-ordination.

We offer a great place for you to work where you are valued, and where you will have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with our Indigenous Community.

So, apply now to join our team as a Tranby volunteer.

What our Volunteers Say

Kashmira Mohamed Zagor volunteered online for Tranby during 2021.

Why did you volunteer?

After completing my undergraduate degree in anthropology, I was looking for a way to explore what I had learnt in a practical environment. I came to Tranby through the Aurora Internship Program – I was curious about what work in the Indigenous sector looked and felt like. I am very grateful that I got placed with Tranby – the organisation does incredible work, some of which I was lucky enough to bear witness to and be involved with.

What did you enjoy most about volunteering for Tranby?

I was fortunate enough to be involved with a project where I was asked to speak to alumni about their experiences as students at Tranby. To be told such personal, varied accounts was very special. Hearing those stories was the best way of truly learning and understanding how Tranby works, and what the organisation gives to people.

Why would you recommend others volunteer with Tranby?

Education is empowering. As a volunteer at Tranby, you'll not only get to see the truth in that statement, but you'll feel it too. You'll understand what the organisation gives to others, and there's no doubt you'll learn and grow too.

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