Since 1957, Tranby has been growing and evolving with Community.

Our team has learned to walk with students, providing cultural support and guidance so they can achieve their educational goals and career ambitions.

The Tranby Difference

Indigenous Ways of Learning


At Tranby, students aren’t numbers, they are individuals who each have a story to share and a dream to achieve. We believe that knowing our students is essential to appropriately supporting them along their learning journeys and for tailoring the support according to individual needs. This is how Tranby succeeds in helping students find their power through education.

We know that Indigenous adults can face many challenges when returning to study as mature students. Our role is to encourage each student to walk the path that is right for them.

Tranby provides a safe learning space where students can share their stories, dreams and educational goals without judgement or fear.


At Tranby, we pride ourselves on doing things differently. We provide accredited and non-accredited courses that use cultural ways of learning and knowing to connect community and grow students’ confidence.

Our non-accredited courses like the Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities Program bring together Elders and students in online Yarning Circles to share knowledge, culture and provide cultural support.

Our accredited courses are offered through mixed mode delivery (face-to-face and online) which enables students to be high achievers and maximise their learning experience, without missing out on family and community commitments. Face-to-face courses are provided through block style learning, a culturally informed model that is critical to the success of Tranby’s students. It demonstrates a commitment by our staff and trainers to be flexible and responsive to students’ individual needs.


Begin studying with us – either on-campus or online – and become part of the Tranby family.  Again and again, our graduates return to Tranby to connect with staff, to enrol in other programs, and some even return to work with us. We take great pride in having an ever-growing family that connects us to thousands of former Tranby students around Australia.

Tranby students graduate with new confidence, skills, and knowledge, returning home with a renewed spirit and outlook. Their friends, families, and community members can see this positive change, and some are even inspired to come to Tranby to begin their own learning journey.

This is community-led achievement and community-driven change. Our graduates become teachers in and for their communities, helping to make change happen and improve opportunities and access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples throughout Australia.

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