Yanalangami Lutruwita

We know that our communities thrive when our women have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and their goals, and to connect, create and inspire others. When we can create systems of support for this to happen, we contribute to community wellbeing, cultural strength and sustainability.

Yanalangami Lutruwita

In partnership with Walantanalinany Palingina (WAPA) and local Tasmanian Aboriginal women, Tranby is bringing the Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities program
to Lutruwita (Tasmania). We are grateful for the support of the Tasmanian Community Fund for enabling us to pilot this program.

In September 2022 the Yanalangami team will be flying down to Lutruwita to run a bespoke,
in-person program with the local community.

“The opportunity to create a culturally safe space, to share, to yarn about our business, our concerns, our challenges, our hopes for the future, is critical. Most, importantly, by bringing women together to support each other in our efforts, to celebrate who we are and what we do, and how this affects change, we empower each other, our voices and our futures and embrace our cultural ways of knowing, being, valuing and doing.” Tarni Matson

Learn more about the program at WAPA and Yanalangami’s social media.

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