Seeds of Change Podcast

Seeds of Change: Sharing stories of Aboriginal-controlled education from Tranby and beyond As Tranby celebrates 65 strong years of making change happen, we want to recognize our iconic Indigenous campus as an important community meeting place, that has inspired conversations which have rippled throughout Australia, creating meaningful change.

Seeds of Change is an Aboriginal-led podcast series bringing Mob together to share stories of leaders, ideas and organisations that are leading change through Aboriginal-controlled education, from Tranby and beyond. This new podcast series invites Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples’ to sit, listen, learn and reflect on how the seeds our mob planted at Tranby 65 years ago have sprouted new pathways for our Indigenous Community today and tomorrow.

We can’t wait to share these inspiring conversations with you mob! Recording is currently in process and the expected launch date is November 2022.

This project is proudly supported by The City of Sydney.

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