Student Impact

Throughout Tranby’s 65 years of operation and community leadership, we have proudly seen thousands of students walk through our doors and leave as graduates; stronger, more confident in their abilities, and more grounded in their cultural identity.

Tranby’s long history of making change happen is a direct result of our ‘student passion, strong determination and love of communities.’ Once a student graduates, they take their newfound knowledge and skills back into their community and walk with a stronger resolve and purpose to lead change for their Mob.

A ripple of change effect is created by this collaborative community leadership, which is a traditional, cultural way of learning that we inherited from our ancestors. Embedded within this approach is an ethos of reciprocity, of sharing knowledge. Tranby maintains this cultural-educational practice through pride, connection, and an attitude of lifelong learning. We walk this journey together with our students and alongside our communities.

Tranby Changes Lives

Tranby’s campus stands on the unceded lands of the Gadigal peoples. We honour Australia’s first peoples and their continuing connection to culture, through incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing, learning, doing and being, into our approach to education.

This cultural learning practice is made more powerful by the guiding spirits of Aboriginal leaders and thinkers who have walked the Tranby learning journey before us, forging a path to ensure our self-determination. These inspiring leaders, such as Kevin ‘Cookie’ Cook and Faith Bandler, nurtured and contributed to the vital knowledge of our people and the life-changing power of education and training by Mob at Tranby, with Mob and for Mob.

Success Looks Different Here

Success is defined by you. Are you hoping to receive a qualification? Are you looking to upskill and grow your confidence? Or do you want to connect with Culture and Community? Whatever your educational goal, Tranby’s team is ready, at every stage, to support you.

We know that not everyone’s need for support is the same. Our student-focused approach treats everyone with respect, trust and honesty, to ensure that your Tranby learning journey helps you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Learn for Community

Our courses and programs are designed by and for Indigenous peoples. This core difference is what makes Tranby’s holistic learning model so effective for our national Indigenous community. Tranby’s courses are created to meet community needs and provide our Mob with the skills, knowledge, and leadership necessary to give back and bring about change in our communities.

Culturally Safe Environment

Tranby creates a safe place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults to return to study after what may be months or years. Our key to success is cultivating a safe place to try, fail, and learn new things.

We teach through culture, which grows student confidence grounded in identity and pride.

The value of culturally appropriate and supportive learning environments for our Mob shouldn’t be overlooked. Structured programs that EDUCATE, ACHIEVE and EMPOWER Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults, create sustainable change for individuals, families and communities.

Education as Wellbeing

Our Community needs safe cultural spaces like Tranby to share, learn and heal together. Healing cannot be achieved without truth-telling. Through learning about history and culture here, our communities become stronger.

Education provides a second chance to many of our Mob. Achieving a qualification gives people the skills to get a job. Cultural education gives them the confidence to hold their heads high, with their feet firmly grounded in Country. Tranby gives them a welcoming family, a community, where they will always belong.

What Our Students Say…

Patrick Condon

Proud Kamilaroi man and graduate of Tranby’s online Diploma of Applied Aboriginal Studies

Currently working:

to support his grannies and connect them to culture

Giving back to community by:

working with a local men’s group to connect Mob back to country to enhance community wellbeing

I’ve come to understand how and why our people have so badly lost their way and wandered into darkness and worse. Definitely, my mental health has taken a huge turn for the better. The answers to questions that have been torturing me my whole life have finally been answered ...

Leslie Atkinson

Graduate of Tranby’s Diploma of Applied Aboriginal Studies

Currently working:

As Elder support for Tranby

Giving Back to Community by:

Supporting students along their learning journey

The environment, with Mob and the people there, it’s just amazing. There’s a lot of humour, a lot of laughter … I was thinking about this last night, you know, what is it that sets it apart – and I think that’s it, that environment. It’s a little cultural space, a cultural safe space. From signage out the front to some of the paintwork around.

Morgan Miller

Descendant of the Kaantyu peoples, far North Queensland and graduate of Tranby’s Diploma of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Advocacy

Currently working:

As a Koori Family Violence Practitioner in the Courts

Giving back to community by:

By being a voice for those who cannot be heard and trying my best to break down barriers to ensure community feel culturally safe when engaging with the legal system

... As Aboriginal people, we’re so connected to Country, to the land, to the water. Tranby offers another opportunity to feel connected. And it just, it meant that it took you away from a white dominated space and took you into a Blak dominated space. And it just, it felt so much better to be able to just separate the two and just be who we are as people and not have to put on this façade for you know, the white man. I just, I think it's important for the heart and the soul and the spirit to be able to do that.

Bernice Hookey

Proud Waanyi woman from the lower Gulf of Carpentaria and graduate of Tranby’s Certificate of Indigenous Business Governance

Currently working:

As an independent business consultant for her own business – MZBempowerment

Giving back to community by:

Mentoring young girls and women through Tranby’s Yanalangami: Strong Women, Strong Communities program

What amazed me about Tranby was the history – there is so much hidden within those walls. It made me think about all the other inspiring people that had been there before me. People like Oodgeroo Noonuccal walked through here, and it was empowering to think of her legacy and how she changed things, not just for women, but for the entire community.


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