Our Partners


Our Partners

Partner with us on designing, developing and delivering programs and pathways with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our Supporters

We appreciate all of the assistance we regularly receive from all of our supporters in the form of either donations of furniture, equipment and supplies, students and interns, or their time and dedication with corporate team volunteering days.


Sponsorship of Tranby is so much more than just a donation - you are contributing towards empowered communities and free education for Indigenous adults.

Your organisation could be our next big sponsor. See your name on our student t-shirts, on their back-packs, on our umbrellas or simply on our website. You can choose to contribute financially, or provide the materials, or to sponsor an event.

Please contact us to discuss how your sponsorship can increase employment and career pathways for our Indigenous students and help Aboriginal organisations and communities to be self-managed, self-sufficient and sustainable.