Organisational Leadership Excellence for Aboriginal Leaders & Managers Program

Organisational Leadership Excellence for Aboriginal Leaders and Managers Program

The Programme

It is estimated that Aboriginal managers are five times less likely to progress to senior management roles within mainstream organisations.

This program uses a pragmatic approach to expose participants to:
• Leadership theory, issues, and opportunities in organisations other than their own
• A broader range of perspectives and experiences on management and leadership
• A pool of participants from different sectors with whom they work

The program is designed for Aboriginal senior managers who want to:
• Increase their leadership skills from both a theoretical and practical point of view
• Make real changes in their work environment and career prospects
• Develop a strong network with other Aboriginal people working in a diverse range of environments

What to Expect
Participants will develop new and sustainable leadership skills as a result of the program’s emphasis on the practical application of skills in everyday work environments.

The program is delivered in a safe environment that encourages expression of thoughts and ideas. The program also provides a platform for Aboriginal leaders and managers to discuss and resolve the different range of issues that they face, that their non-Aboriginal colleagues may not encounter.

Experienced and professional guest speakers will attend each group workshop to talk about their leadership journey and their perspectives on the topic covered in the module.

In between group workshops, participants will be expected to complete their individual learning actions. Participants are also expected to meet with their Program Facilitator for two coaching sessions.

There are no exam or assessment requirements for this program. Participants will be considered to have successfully completed the program through full participation in each course component. Participants will receive a Tranby certificate awarded at the annual Graduation Ceremony. Please note that this is a non-accredited course. 

1. Submit your application by 28th April, 2017.
2. Program Facilitator may contact you via phone for an informal interview to discuss your management experience and goals for the future.
3. Successful applicants will be notified soon after the closing date.

Participants should be in management roles with 15 or more staff and with 2 years experience, or have the leadership qualities and ambition to be in a leadership role in the future.


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