10408NAT Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Advocacy

10408NAT Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Advocacy

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What is this course?

The 10408NAT Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Advocacy develops the practical skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in many areas of social justice. On a theoretical level it provides a comprehensive introduction to the Australian legal system and the unique place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within this system.

Particular emphasis is placed on the barriers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face in accessing justice in contemporary Australia.

Who is this course suited to?

The course is useful for anyone working in community-controlled or government organisations (especially those concerned with the rights and advocacy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals), as well as those who are interested in their own legal rights and the rights of other members of their community. Students are supported to develop the skills necessary to work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients across all areas of law and social justice. Skills and knowledge gained from successful completion of this program support those people preparing for tertiary education.

Program Duration & Schedule

Tranby programs are delivered over a series of face-to-face training sessions (‘blocks’) of five days’ duration (Monday to Friday). Blocks are usually held 5 to 8 weeks apart, with a total of between 5 and 8 blocks, depending on the program. Delivery programs vary, to meet the needs of individual class groups whether it be Block release or on location weekly classes. Program duration will vary accordingly.

Students are also required to spend at least 15 hours per week between blocks undertaking research, reading and assessment activities.

Assessments must be submitted prior to the subsequent block.

Units Of Competency

AHCCCF405A Develop community networks
BSBATSIW514C Represent your organisation
BSBITU102A Develop keyboard skills
BSBITU202A Create and use spreadsheets
BSBITU301A Create and use databases
BSBLEG510A Apply legal principles in family law matters
BSBRES404A Research legal information using primary sources
BSBWHS301A Maintain workplace safety
CHCCOM403A Use targeted communication skills to build relationships
CHCDFV406C Provide domestic and family violence support in Aboriginal
and Torres Strait Islander communities
CHCORG405E Maintain an effective work environment
CHCORG506E Coordinate the work environment
CSCSAS306A Manage conflict through negotiation
ILAADV501A Advocate for clients in care or custody or in need of assistance
ILACOM501A Manage effective communication processes for legal work
ILACSA501A Support clients needing legal assistance
ILACSA502A Utilise ethical standards when dealing with clients
ILACUL501A Provide assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait
Islander people maintaining cultural importance
ILALAW502A Manage responsibilities in relation to law reform
ILALAW501A Assist persons seeking bail
ILAWOR501A Manage responsibilities for court appearances
ICAICT108A Use digital literacy skills to access the internet


Travel and accommodation for students travelling to Sydney is provided in accordance with Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet ‘Away from Base’ guidelines. This training is subsidised by the NSW Government.  ABSTUDY support is based on individual circumstances.

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