Culturally Supportive Environment

How We Do It Differently

Tranby supports our students with a culturally rich and conducive learning environment.

To achieve this we are ensuring that Tranby promotes and supports:

  • Indigenous Adult Learning Styles
  • A Positive Learning Environment
  • Social and Cultural Support – activities and events
  • Emotional Support – counselling and advice
  • Physical Comfort – food, accommodation
  • Access to opportunities – employment and/or further studies
  • Building resilience in students such as finding capabilities and strengths
  • Promoting independent learning; and
  • Creating and inspiring leaders in our community, organisations, programs and services.


At Tranby, most of our staff and board members either identify as Indigenous, or have experience working with Indigenous communities. As a result, knowledge and understanding of culture, way of life and tradition is ingrained in everything we do. By combining this understanding with thorough assessment and delivery practices, we ensure that our students achieve academic excellence in their studies.


Our campus is located in Glebe, Sydney, just fifteen minutes from the CBD and close to regular public transport, shops and cafes. However, you would never know, as Tranby is located right in the heart of suburban streets, hidden away from the outside world. Our campus is a calm oasis, offering a peaceful, tranquil environment, far removed from the hustle and bustle of city life. Tranby creates a safe, warm and homely private space for our students to learn and grow. It is not uncommon for students to say they feel like they are walking into someone’s home when they come to Tranby for their block study.


Our class sizes are capped to ensure that all students are given the attention they deserve to learn and grow, without feeling overwhelmed. Every student is unique, and deserves the close attention that small classes can offer.


Our purpose built ‘camp fire’ style classrooms facilitate the sharing of knowledge and stories in an engaging way that enhances learning and supports Indigenous learning styles.


Tranby has an Elder in Residence on campus during block, in addition to our Student Engagement Officer. Having elders on campus provides students with the emotional support and guidance they need to succeed in their studies whilst balancing their personal and family life and ensures our students are well supported whilst dealing with challenges such as being away from their families and communities. We also have mentors available through the Jawun Alumni program for students to keep in contact with while studying and on-hand volunteer student tutors to guide students through their studies, both on and off block.


Tranby provides travel and logistics support services to students who are required to travel large distances to the Glebe campus and engages the services of a dedicated travel agent to make all such arrangements for students. For those students from out of town, Tranby arranges your accommodation at the Best Western Haven Inn, Glebe. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Tranby, on Glebe Point Road. The hotel has recently been renovated and student feedback has been excellent with regard to their new upgrade.


Each student will establish a learning plan that covers the student’s learning needs, support and goals at the commencement of each block. As part of this, tutors can be matched with students where needed, and additional support can be provided.


Our students study with a broad range of people from differing backgrounds, parts of Australia and connection as an Indigenous Australian. With this comes great diversity, friendships and interesting perspectives for classroom discussion.


Away from Base travel allowances cover the cost of flights and accommodation for our non-Sydney city students. Additionally all students receive lunch and morning tea when on campus. With a few exceptions, most of our courses are paid for through a mix of Government funding and philanthropic donations so learning is at no expense to our students.


We host a wide range of guest speakers during block to support the topics delivered for each course. We also enlist guest speakers throughout the year, to talk on a wide range of topics such as health and well-being, financial management, goal setting, managing family relationships, and many more.


Our campus is a home away from home, and our student's comfort is a priority. We have indoor and outdoor dining areas, a student BBQ, a dedicated student art room for our students' enjoyment, and a student lounge room for relaxation. In addition to our indoor spaces, we also have the most beautiful campus, with plenty of outdoor areas to relax in, including a serene friendship garden, purely for student use.


Even when students aren’t at block, they are welcome to access Tranby computers, printers and our library to keep in touch and up to date with their course work and access resources.


Our block training method suits our student’s need to balance life, family, community and study. The chosen course content and activities focus on learning-through-doing with a variety of role plays, group discussion, close-to-home case studies, guest speakers and field trips. Our block release course delivery structure allows participants the flexibility to also maintain full-time work whilst undertaking their course.


Over the years, Tranby has educated and empowered thousands of students, many of whom still enjoy being involved with Tranby and the success of our current students.