Course delivery

Course Delivery

All courses are delivered in a block release mode.

This means we break courses down into clusters of a few, usually three (3) related units of study and deliver these over one (1) week block time. Depending on the course you are studying, blocks are organized five (5) to eight (8) times a year.  

During block our program managers and guest speakers deliver the set content in small classes providing students the opportunity to discuss the content with their classmates and program managers. Some assessments will be completed on block. In between blocks students are expected to complete the remaining assessments before returning for the next block.

Block release allows those participants who work to maintain full-time work whilst undertaking the course, particularly when their employers provide study leave. Employment is not a pre-requisite for enrolment and the courses are deemed full-time for AbStudy purposes.

Attendance at each block is essential to maintain satisfactory progress throughout the course.

Our courses are also available to organisations on a fee-for-service basis, where Tranby staff will come to your community and work directly with your staff.