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We believe it is never too late to start studying. At Tranby, we understand that family and work commitments and other social factors may have made it difficult to pursue your educational interests. Limited formal education is not an issue, so long as you bring a positive, can-do attitude and a drive for educational excellence Tranby will empower you with skills, training and knowledge and help you realise your potential.


The Tranby team will be with you every step of the way as you begin your educational journey. You’ll get great help and resources with how to adjust to formal education, tutorial assistance and a student support team on campus. Take advantage of a culturally-supportive environment, one-on-one check-ins with your program manager and an auntie on hand at the accommodation.


If you’ve already completed post-secondary qualifications, Tranby is an excellent option to build on those studies or even consider a new path. If it’s been a while since you last picked up the books, we know that getting back into the swing of things can be difficult, especially if you’re now juggling a job and family which can be a challenging process. The flexibility of our block release delivery method means you don’t need to give up these other parts of your life to start studying again.


If you are currently unemployed, completing a qualification at Tranby will set you on the right path to gaining employment. The courses on offer at Tranby reflect industry trends, and we are always working to ensure that our content is relevant so that our students graduate with qualifications that are in demand. All courses explore workplace skills as well, ensuring that graduates are workplace-ready and able to effectively apply the course content to a job. Tranby is constantly networking with various community leaders and industries for future employment prospects, as well as Indigenous employment organisations that can help directly link Tranby graduates with jobs.


Tranby welcomes those who are currently employed and hoping to build on their existing qualifications. Our focus on leadership, specially chosen courses and an individually tailored approach cater to those looking for a promotion or a better job or seeking professional development. At Tranby, we value this initiative and drive and we will strive to assist you in your professional endeavours. Our block release delivery is particularly popular with students looking to up-skill. The flexibility means you can continue working as you study and begin applying your new skills immediately. Employers also look favourably upon the opportunities at Tranby such as overseas scholarships and mentor programs.

Need Support?

Our Student Support Team will ensure that your return to studies is a smooth and enjoyable process, with regular catch-ups and tutorial assistance to keep you on track, all the while taking into account the educational experience you bring with you. If eligible, Tranby will consider your previous studies with Recognition of Prior Learning (‘RPL’). Speak to our staff to discuss how to make the most of your previous qualifications and apply for RPL.