Myangah (Sea Eagle) Pirate

Myangah (Sea Eagle) Pirate

Pirate is a Budawang man from the Yuin Nation from the Southeast Coast of Australia.

Pirate uses traditional materials on a contemporary base. Painting with ochre, not acrylics, he tends to use natural colours with contemporary flavours to create a positive debate over those issues facing Indigenous Australian today.

His art includes totemic items from road kill, burning carving, sculptures, paintings, weaving as well as the production of weapons, tools, and artifacts from traditional material in a traditional way.

Pirate has been exhibiting prolifically over the last three decades. He has works in numerous public and private collections, both within Australia and internationally. These works are exhibited in places such as The United Nations Building in New York, the Australian Consulates in Israel, Turkmenistan, France, and Ireland.

Within Australia Pirate has works in Radford College, Canberra, Wollongong University, Nowra Campus of Wollongong University, and Tranby.  He also features in the private collections of John Estevens from Noiseworks, the Packer Estate, The Coogan Family Collection as well as numerous schools and community centres throughout the South Coast of New South Wales.

Pirate has also exhibited at the highest level of New South Wales State Parliament Indigenous Art phase on four occasions as finalist with the Rookwood Cemetery hidden sculpture art 2013.

Tranby is incredibly honoured to have been gifted a fantastic burning  on  wood, depicting  Gwoya Jungarai  reproduced  with  permission of the Ainslie Roberts Foundation, and created by Pirate. This magnificent artwork was burned into the wood by Pirate and gifted from  the graduating student class to Tranby.

At  one  stage  Gwoya  was  the  world’s most famous First Nations Australian. This picture of  Gwoya  is  one  of  two iconic  images  drawn  by  Ainslie Roberts. His other image was produced on  a  stamp  in  the  1950s  –  it  sold over  90  million  copies  worldwide.

Tranby feels very honored to be given such  a  generous  and  beautiful  gift from  such a  talented artist, and  we are  delighted  to  be  able  to  share this with all of our future students and visitors to come.