Muggera Dance Company

Muggera Dance Company

We have recently had the pleasure of working with the Muggera Dance Company. We caught up with the talented Glen Thomas to learn more about his background and passion for dance.

Glen Thomas - Muggera Dance Company

Glen Thomas is a professional artist graduating from NAISDA Dance College in 2016 with a Diploma of Professional Dance Performance. He is a proud Indigenous man from Townsville North Queensland with strong roots to his Bidjara and Wakamin heritage. He has performed traditional dance in front of audiences since he was a young boy which over the years inspired his passion for performing arts.

Glen Thomas

During his training at NAISDA Glen forged strong relationships with the Datiwuy Clan of Elcho Island community in North East Arnhem Land and Saint Paul’s community on Moa Island in the Western Torres Straits. His knowledge and devotion to Indigenous culture is reflected through his dance and commitment to the arts. He extensively trains in western dance forms and techniques honing his skills as an upcoming professional Indigenous contemporary artist. During his time of Study, he has worked with Guest Artists and choreographers such as Iquail Shaheed, Frances Rings, Craig Bary, Vicki Van Hout Ian and Ian Colless.

This year Glen started off Performing the Opening Ceremony with Muggera Dance Company at the Lord Mayors N.Y.E live telecast Event on Sydney Harbor. He has worked closely with Muggera throughout this year performing in the community and at festivals around NSW. During Study, he performed for NAISDA’S annual end of year showings Sand to Stage (2016), Kamu (2015), Your Skin My Skin (2014) and Nalpun Mudth (2013) at Carriage works theatre Red Fern. Last year he traveled to New Zealand to work with Atamira Dance company during the Development of their latest work Pango. He also travelled overseas to perform in South Korea for the Seoul Friendship Fair Festival Hosted in Seoul City, a festival with 14 Performance groups and 300 represented countries.

He actively engages in urban and remote communities teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through workshops at public and private schools around the country. This year he has been working closely with a non-for-profit organization called the Songroom which focuses on improving learning for disadvantaged children. His workshops involve the practice of Indigenous dance, art, history and language. Glen is very passionate about working with communities bringing awareness of indigenous issues through the arts and leading the next generations.