Library & Archive Collections

Tranby Library & Archive Collections

For our 60th Birthday year we are delighted to announce the launch of the new Tranby Library & Archive Collections - the first of its kind in Australia.

The Collections

Tranby Library & Archive Collections consists of:
  • the organisational administrative archives,
  • photographs,
  • negatives,
  • VHS home movies (recordings of graduations, student excursions, and student activism),
  • hundreds of posters,
  • newspapers
  • Norman Tinsdale maps,
  • oral history recordings
  • physical journals,
  • manuscripts (unpublished private archives),
  • web publications
  • serials,
  • thousands of books,
  • ephemera
  • & other amazing and unique items, such as original the printing plates from the Co-Operative of Aborigines Pty Ltd journal publication called Mili Mili.



The Digitisation Goal

Tranby’s collection digitisation goal is to provide access to the historical archive and library materials to researchers and the public while also delivering services to our student body. Using best practices the digitisation of the collection is managed by the Library & Archive Advisory Committee in the interests of long term preservation while improving accessibility using Open Access principles where possible.

Tranby is committed to ensuring long term accessibility and preservation of its analogue collections through digitisation. The digital repository allows the collections to be available to a broad audience not restricted by Library location or opening hours. This improved accessibility supports research, enable life-long learning and innovation and creative content creation. The repository is an effective strategy to prevent content loss, ensuring preservation of the physical collection by reducing the handling of the fragile and rare materials.
As a not-for-profit educational institution, Tranby Library and Archives are committed to:
  • Growing its digital repository;
  • Supporting the lifecycle of digital collection materials through regular content and format auditing;
  • Complying with international and national digital preservation standards and best practices;
  • Developing solutions to ensure continued access to Tranby’s digital collection in the future.

The Team Behind The Project

Emily Virgona
Library & Archives Research Coordinator
Emily Virgona is Tranby’s Library & Archives Research Coordinator. She is continuing to study at UTS, specialising in improving information access for indigenous Australians and adapting western knowledge management practices to be inclusive (and not exclusive) of diverse systems of knowing. Emily is currently implementing and overseeing the Library & Archive Collections digitisation program of Tranby’s collections to that end.
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Abby Callard
Library & Archives Research Assistant
Abby Callard is a volunteer with Tranby’s Library & Archives. She works in journalism, focusing on social justice issues, and nonprofit communications, helping organisations engage stakeholders and tell their stories. Abby's role at Tranby is assisting to create online exhibitions that highlight historical items and narratives as part of the Library and Archive Collections and the Oral History & Language Research Hub.
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This project is a joint project between Tranby, UTS shopfront and the Jumbunna Institute for Indigenous Education and Research, with research, policy and procedure assistance from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and the State Library of NSW.
Tranby Library & Archive Collections


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