Information regarding the Nomination of Directors to be elected at the 2017 AGM

Information regarding the Nomination of Directors to be elected at the 2017 AGM

(Rule 48.2)

  1. Number of Director’s Positions becoming Vacant at the next AGM

In accordance with Rule 45, the following 4 directors have completed their 2 year term and are due to retire and are eligible for re-election:

  • Kristy Masella;
  • Jaimes Adlington
  • Janelle Clarke
  • Guy Jones

The following 2 directors resigned:

  • Ivan Simon
  • Glenn Hannah

creating 2 casual vacancies on the Board under Rule 47.

As a result there will be:

  • 4 director’s positions vacant for a period of 2 years until the close of the AGM in 2019; and
  • 2 director’s positions vacant for a period of 1 year until the close of the AGM in 2018.

Board Nominations

  1. Eligibility to Nominate as a Director

Only current active members of the Co-operative are eligible to be nominated as a Director.  Please note to be eligible you must:

  • have been approved for membership by the board prior to nominations closing (24 April 2017);
  • your name must be on the Membership Register; and
  • have paid your membership fees for 2017.

Board Nominations

  1. Duties of Directors

The duties of directors are set out in the Registered Rules of Tranby and in the Co-operatives National Law 2012 (NSW).  These director’s duties are also set out in more detail in decisions of the Courts (the common law). Examples of duties of directors are:

  • to act in the best interests of the Co-operative;
  • to keep information discussed by the board confidential;
  • to attend all board meetings and to request in writing a leave of absence from the Chairperson prior to the board meeting if you are unable to attend;
  • not to contact staff or seek to interfere with the day to day operations of the co-operative (if you have issues or questions of a member of staff you should raise the matter with the Chairperson not the staff member).

NOTE: All directors are required to undertake corporate governance training provided by the Co-operative to assist them to fulfil their duties as directors.

  1. Remuneration

Directors are not paid for attending meetings or in their role as directors. Expenses incurred by directors will only be paid with the prior approval of the Chairperson.

  1. Nomination and Election of Directors

(rule 48.4)

Active Members wishing to nominate as Directors must complete the Nomination Form and be seconded by two current active members. The nomination form should be accompanied by information setting out the active member’s qualifications and experience that they believe support their nomination.

To view all nominations visit Board Nominations.

Download the Nomination Form

Board Nominations

Nominations cannot be accepted after the closing date because the details of the nominees must accompany the Notice of the AGM and there must be sufficient time to print collate and post the AGM Notices to meet the AGM deadlines.

The ballot papers will be counted at the AGM.

The 4 nominees who receive the highest number of votes will be elected for the 2year term. The nominees who receive the 5th and 6th highest number of votes will be elected for a period of 1 year. If there is an equal number of votes for any nominee and it is unclear whether they would be elected for a 1 or 2 year term the matter will be resolved by the order in which the nominee’s names are drawn from a “hat”.

Nominations Close

(Rule 48.5)

Nominations close 30 days before the date of the AGM that is at close of business on Monday 24 April 2017.

Read Tranby's Registered Rules