Art for Heart


Tranby is currently seeking interest from Indigenous artists to be part of our 60th Birthday celebrations this coming year.  

We are creating an on-campus community art-gallery, and an online art auction, as part of our 60th Birthday.  The purpose of this initiative is to form a strong ongoing connection with artists in the indigenous community and to raise money for our historic campus that needs a few structural repairs.


If you would like to exhibit in our art exhibition or online art auction, please view our exhibitor terms and conditions and complete the Exhibitor Application.

Exhibitor Application

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‘Respecting the Elders’ by Myangah (Sea Eagle) Pirate
Ending in: 40 days 10 hours 22 minutes 29 seconds
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• Artist: Myangah (Sea Eagle) Pirate.
• Title: ‘Respecting the Elders’ – as told by Uncle ‘Tombo’ Brown Junior.
• Medium: burning and sculpture on black wood, dolphins bones and sand from Summer Cloud Bay.
• Reproduced with permission of the Ainslie Robert Foundation.

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