The Co-operative


The Co-operative for Aborigines Limited is the parent organisation of Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education & Training, and was established by Alf Clint in 1962.

tree1A symbol of the co-operative is the Tranby Tree. The tree is a visual representation of the traditional meeting and learning practices as well as the Co-operative's philosophy that Tranby is a culturally appropriate meeting place for learning and growing. The strength of the tree reflects the empowerment that comes from studying at Tranby and is highly significant embodiment of the Co-operative's core values.

Tranby is run by its co-operative members, for its Indigenous members






Everyone that comes into contact with Tranby, and shares in our values is encouraged to become a member of the Co-operative.

Co-operative members get to have a say in the direction that Tranby takes, and get to vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Members are also able to be nominated to sit on the Tranby Board for a term, and vote on who to elect as board members, at the AGM.