Student Testimonials

 60 Students for 60 Years Project




Sam Martin
Volunteer Film-Maker & Photographer
My name is Sam Martin, a film making student with a strong passion and clear outlook for the future. I knew I wanted to study film because for me it is a beautiful way to express stories, educate audiences and create a societal impact visually. Over the last couple of years I found I had a passion for documentaries and for learning about Indigenous Australians, their cultures, histories, struggles and successes and their ancestors past, present and future. My passion developed through high school when I had the absolute honour to have been what I describe as being mentored by two amazing Indigenous women. Through this passion, I followed a calling to Tranby in response to a call out for volunteers to be involved in their wonderful up and coming project for their 60th Birthday year. "60 students for 60 years" This project involves the great honour of interviewing past and present students, staff, volunteers and anyone else who has been associated with Tranby throughout its long lasting 60 years. The content from the interviews are then presented in a range of forms such as video interviews, photographs or written extracts. This project has given and will give me the incredible and valuable experience to hear first hand about the enduring impact Tranby has had on so many people. It also will give me insight into Tranby's historic and revolutionary past and role in Australia's history as well as where it is heading to into the future as Australia's oldest provider of Education to Indigenous Adults. I'd like to extend a warm invitation for you to all join me on this process and get to know some of the heartwarming personalities, success stories and revolutionary history of Tranby.