Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

An essential part of Tranby's philosophy and success is that of Indigenous ownership and control. Over 50% of Tranby's staff and Board is of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

The Tranby Team

Our staff comprise of office, academic & student support staff, lecturers, program coordinators, project officers, consultants and researchers.

Belinda Russon
Belinda Russon is a passionate education activist. Her professional association with Tranby commenced in 2004 where she started out as a guest lecturer and researcher and then went on to become the Program Manager of the National Indigenous Legal Advocacy Program. Belinda’s entrepreneurial drive and talent created the pathway for a successful transition to CEO in 2013. Belinda is responsible for leading and achieving Tranby’s strategic, business and operational objectives, which is achieved through effective management and administration of the various functions of the Co-operative. Belinda is actively leading the Tranby team to create opportunities and striving always to achieve optimum results for all those critical relationships imperative to the experience of what makes Tranby an amazing place to work, learn and connect.
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Saskia Sharp
Business Manager
Saskia Sharp has been part of the Tranby family since May 2016 and currently holds the position of Business Manager. This is a diverse role, that not only supports the CEO but also other staff members to ensure the smooth running of the daily operations of Tranby for both the staff members and students. Saskia’s tenacity and business & technical skills sets have enabled Tranby to run as a smooth and efficient operation as she provides ongoing support to all staff members and the CEO.
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Dirk Drieberg
Academic Director
Dirk Drieberg commenced as Academic Director with the Tranby family in February 2017. Responsible for the educational operations of Tranby, Dirk plays a critical role in reviewing and setting up the educational systems, policies and procedures. He works closely with the Program Managers and Lecturers to provide quality education. He is all about enhancing the learning experience for students. Dirk provides the leadership and direction required to ensure that all students at Tranby receive a positive learning experience.
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Sonya Pearce
Student Engagement Co-ordinator
Sonya is responsible for the implementation of a range of strategies, policy development, and the provision of high quality service that supports the enrollment, progression and completion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Tranby. She works across the Tranby community to provide leadership, advice and assistance to enhance the student experience. This role impacts and improves learning outcomes and facilitates the retention and engagement of Tranby students. Sonya has a passion for working with and mentoring the students to ensure that their journey at Tranby is a positive and engaging experience.
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Nancy Davis
Compliance Manager
Nancy Davis has been working with Tranby for 3 years as the Compliance Manager; ensuring that Tranby’s operations comply with the required standards for registered training organisations. Nancy works closely with the Tranby management team and staff members to ensure that the above responsibilities are completed in line with the necessary ASQA requirements. A valued member who has drawn on her depth of experience and expertise to enable a resilient and robust compliance landscape for Tranby.
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Ryan Donohue-Pitt
Ryan Donohue-Pitt has been part of the Tranby family since November 2016 and currently holds the position of Receptionist. Ryan assists the Business Manager to ensure the smooth running of the daily operations of Tranby for both the staff members, visitors and students. Ryan is the life and soul of Tranby, welcoming visitors and students alike.
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Eleesa Collis
Instructional Designer
Eleesa has over 20 years experience in vocational education and training and has a sound working knowledge of the adult education sector. She has previous experience in training delivery and assessment, program development and coordination, compliance and training gap analysis and subject matter expert consultation for instructional design. Eleesa supports the Academic team in ensuring quality, compliant teaching materials.

Volunteers also make up a large part of Tranby's staff. We se
ek to engage volunteers and interns on various projects based on their personal interests and skills.

For further information on volunteering with Tranby please refer to the Volunteer with us section.

Tranby has a strong relationship with universities and other subject matter experts, and works with consultants on an ad-hoc basis to seek industry best practice.