Chief Executive Officer

Dr Belinda Russon

Belinda Russon

Belinda is a passionate education activist making her an ideal ambassador for Tranby.  Her professional association with Tranby commenced in 2004 where she started out as a guest lecturer and researcher and then went on to become the Program Manager of the National Indigenous Legal Advocacy Program. Belinda’s entrepreneurial drive and talent created the pathway for a successful transition to CEO in 2013. She is courageously taking Tranby from strength to strength, leading a dedicated team who are inspired by her vision.

In addition to her role of CEO, Belinda is a qualified solicitor with over 15 years’ experience in the community justice sector and continues to be actively involved in Aboriginal community life. A Churchill Fellowship in 2013 enabled Belinda to travel to Norway, Canada and the USA to examine innovative and holistic approaches to Indigenous education.  Looking to improve enrollment rates, increase student attendance, engagement and retention for Indigenous adults, Belinda and her team are actively creating opportunities and striving with a great determination to achieve optimum results in all these facets for Tranby staff, student’s, critical partnerships with other Aboriginal organisations and the community at large.

A Message from our CEO

People often think of education as a formal process that starts when we’re young and if, for whatever reason, we’re not on board at an early age it just doesn’t become a part of our life story. Tranby proves that this theory just isn’t true. Our students’ stories show that even if education has never been your focus, that’s okay because the door is always open and there is always someone on the other side inviting you in.

Learning is a lifelong experience. Gaining knowledge, skills and personal awareness results in more empowered choices, not just for ourselves but also for members of our family, kin and community. It also gives us the strength and know-how to make things happen.

We recognise and support the big step that our students take to study as an adult and acknowledge the challenge of juggling personal, family and community commitments. We strive for educational excellence so that we can meet the expectations of our students and ensure they receive the very best opportunity to reach their goals.

Tranby  is committed to advocating on Indigenous issues and ensuring that we have an education system that is accessible, relevant and of the highest quality.

The experiences of our students illustrate that success comes from a willingness to see things from a different perspective and to take on new knowledge. The motivation to study may be different for everyone but what is shared is a feeling of pride and recognition from taking that first step.

Dr. Belinda Russon