About Tranby

tree1Who we are

Tranby was the first independent Aboriginal education provider in Australia. We began delivering training programs in response to community needs in 1958. Early courses based on trades and literacy and numeracy expanded to Advanced Diploma and Diploma courses written by community for community.

Today Tranby offers courses that are nationally recognised units of competency from the Australian Quality Framework. These courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and organisations.  Tranby’s accredited courses cover areas such as:

  • Business management and business governance for ATSI organisations
  • Legal advocacy
  • Leadership
  • Land management

An essential part of Tranby’s philosophy and success is that of Indigenous ownership and management. We seek to empower the lives of our people and build strong communities through quality education and sustainable practices.

Our purpose is clear: educate, achieve, and empower.

The Future

In response to recent unprecedented changes to funding structures and processes, Tranby proved itself to be a highly adaptable and progressive organisation by increasing and broadening our range of course and delivery, including online access to course materials and assessments.  These improvements have culminated in a rebrand process that ensures Tranby remains relevant to all aspects of education and training to skill the Aboriginal community for leadership and employment

In consultation with marketing and strategic planning experts, as well as graphic designers and new media communication consultants, Tranby embarked on a crucial rebranding mission to guarantee that in these changing times we continue to be responsive to the needs of community, potential students and industry and also attract support from  government and philanthropists. Our new brand reflects Tranby’s fresh, contemporary direction yet still encompasses our rich cultural history and esteemed core values.

Staying true to our community-controlled philosophy, these proposed changes were put to members, current students, alumni and the wider community for consideration.

During these challenging times, staff also worked hard to make certain that Tranby continues to strive toward educational excellence for Indigenous Australians with a move toward financial self-sustainability.

This is an exciting time to be part of the Tranby community!

At Tranby, we strive to:

  1. Be the adult educational provider of choice for Indigenous Australians.
  2. Advocate for our communities and their empowerment.
  3. Be recognised as leaders and experts in Indigenous Adult Education.