Quality Education

At Tranby our vision is to transform the lives of our people and build stronger communities through quality education. We achieve this by offering the following to our students:

Teachers that engage and motivate: Qualified Teachers that have an understanding of how best to deliver courses to suit the learning styles of the students at Tranby.

Location and size of our campus: Our campus is located in Glebe, close to regular public transport,  shops and cafes. Having said this, because we’re tucked away in the suburban streets, Tranby also creates a safe and private space for our students to learn and grow. We’re not a big campus so our students can enjoy close relationships with our staff. It’s not uncommon for students to say they feel like they’re walking  into someone’s home when they return to Tranby for their block study.

Course material designed in consultation with Indigenous Leaders and industry partners: The courses offered at Tranby provide students with the skills and knowledge relevant to practical application when they return to their communities. They also provide students with the confidence to seek employment or further advance their careers.

A learning environment that embraces diversity in thinking: A diverse range of students from various locations in Australia that are able to share their personal experiences with each other and contribute to a unique learning experience.

Small class sizes: We purposely keep a cap on the sizes of our classes at Tranby to ensure that all  students are given the attention they deserve to learn and grow.

Access to computers and internet facilities: At Tranby we have a computer room which students can access at anytime during or outside of their study block (during office hours). We also have printers, photocopiers, smart television and projectors for students use.

A well stocked library with an on-campus Librarian: Tranby students have access to all material in our well stocked library.  The Tranby library holds the largest collection of Indigenous literature outside of the State Library of New South Wales.  We have a volunteer librarian available two days a week as extra support for students in locating resources.

Learning support: Each student at the commencement of their block will sit down with the Student Support Team to establish a learning plan that covers the student’s learning needs, support and goals.  As part of this, tutors can be matched with students where needed under the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme, and we have a tutor available one afternoon a week for students to drop in and see for any questions.

Opportunity to travel to other countries: Overseas field trips that provide students with first hand experience of Indigenous education in other countries.

Recognition of Achievement: A formal graduation ceremony is held on campus at the completion of  the course. Local members of parliament, staff and board members also attend to support. There are also various awards Tranby offers that students can aim for.

Guest speakers: We host a range of guest speakers during block for our students to facilitate personal growth and explore resilience topics such as goal setting, managing family relationships and healthy eating.