Access to Opportunities

tree1Student Network

Tranby seeks to forge positive relationships with students from diverse  industries across Australia to create a student network where peers can tap into each others’  contacts and opportunities.

tree1Industry Networking

We constantly network with various Aboriginal and Indigenous leaders within the Tranby community for future employment prospects.


Tranby organises mentoring for students during and after the course so that students can gain deeper insights into various industries through professionals with relevant experience.


We provide the opportunity for internship in industries relevant to student’s interest.


tree1International Scholarships

Tranby offers scholarship opportunities for students to  go overseas and gain a greater understanding of other cultures in order to develop their  perspective on their own communities and personal lives.


Studying at Tranby opens up the opportunity to volunteer at Tranby or within the community. See our Volunteer with us page for more information.


Students can become part of the Tranby Alumni and become a Tranby Ambassador providing support to other students and peers.